Saturday, March 14, 2020

Music in Different Worlds essays

Music in Different Worlds essays Music has always been a part of Cambodia. The life styles were limited, among these musicians, there were the Khmer rouge, full time labor workers, and politicians. A large percentage of Cambodians were forced into poverty and underpaid jobs. Their lives were constantly troubled by daily escapes from robbers, guerrillas, and powerful armies that disagrees with the laws of the country. The Khmer rouge, former guerrillas and the most powerful army that had ever opposed the government had taken more lives than natural deaths over a decade. During times of hardships and warfare, the only escape from reality was music. He,, Samphoun Em, was only fifteen years of age when he first picked up a guitar. Knowing he had to be able to make a constant payment to afford and keep his only source of entertainment, for there are no personal rights involving one's property. After three years of full time labor, he was then able to claim and bring home his most prized possession. Keeping good care of the picks and strings he had access to, for if he had lost or broken any of the two, it would've meant more months of hard labor. Every so often after work, he would spend at least two hours to catch up on lessons and surpass his latest talent. He was persistent and frequently disappointed with his slow learning process, with a confidence that he would one day master the art of playing the guitar. The confidence that shone in his eyes came from the gratitudes and awes from his brothers and sisters. Watching their faces light up as he would show off his new talent, fretting at his parents whom tried to disallow his learning. They were worried he was capable of showing off his great gift and distract laborers from their work, this meant being punished by a severe beating or even sentenced to death. Voices rose as he went into his second hour of daily practice, "You kids stop that fuss and return to your studies." No one would move on the first notice,...

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